Measurable results are the best proof of an effective text.
As is a smile on our customer’s face.

“They can handle last minute translation needs, even after the working day has ended. And their project management is truly smooth.”


Vilma Valtonen | Bondora

”Fast, concrete, highest quality. Textum has obtained a high level of automotive vocabulary. They also switch the texts in our publications and update the design as needed.”


Urmas Sild | Citroen

“They made our complex business texts easy for customers to understand and consume while also understanding the numerous rules governing our brand.”


Heleri Käro | Telia

”We trusted them with the translations for our flagship project for M/S Viking XPRS. We were 100% satisfied with the translations of manuals, presentations and much more.”


Antero Salonen | Viking Line

“Best quality, fastest service, and friendliest team – these are the qualities that made them a long-term partner for us.”


Toomas Pikhof | Estonian Drama Theatre